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Our recycling program is dedicated to handling e-waste responsibly. We provide a safe and secure recycling solution.

"end Of Life" Program

Our mobile device ITAD solutions are dedicated to maximizing value, securing data, extending useful life and protecting the environment.

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Located in Chapin SC, ​Full Cycle Wireless is a Telecommunications and Technology Solution Provider providing business and government entities throughout the US with Wireless, Wireline, IT and Computer related products and services.  Our partnerships with leading IT manufacturers and telecom providers such as Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile allow us to bring exceptional service and value to our customers. Whether you're looking to gain a competitive edge by upgrading to the latest Smartphone, IT, computer technology, VOiP or Internet Services, we can help.  In addition, we are one of the leading mobile device value recovery firms in the Southeast providing businesses with the highest trade-in value in the industry.  We can help your business or agency safely and securely retire older Smartphones, Tablets, Hot Spots, Mobile Broadband USB Modems and more; while giving you an unexpected revenue source that can be used to purchase new technology. 

If you’re looking to make room for new technology, mitigate your risk and maximize the value of your older technology, please contact us.  In addition to helping your business securely recover the value of your mobile device assets, we can also help you upgrade to new equipment saving you both time and money.

 Telecommunications and Technology Solution Provider

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Mobility solutions

With technology changing so quickly, we help individuals and businesses with mobile solutions tailored to meet your needs.

 "Being Good Stewards Of Yesterday's Technology For Tomorrow's Generation"


As a provider of mobile device ITAD services, we enable businesses to mitigate their risk and recover the value of their older mobile devices.